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Top 5 best disposable AA batteries money can buy

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Image by  deanj  under Creative Commons License

Image by deanj under Creative Commons License

One of the questions I get asked the most is about what batteries types and brands readers should  buy.

I wrote an article in December (link) explaining the difference between high/low drain devices and when you should use alkaline/lithium batteries. 

I'll wait here while you go and quickly read that article... Go on... I'll wait. OK. So my top 5 favorite batteries are:

  1. Energizer Ultimate (Lithium)
  2. Energizer Advanced  (Lithium)
  3. Duracell Quantum (Alkaline)
  4. Duracell Ultimate (Alkaline)
  5. Kirkland signature (Alkaline)

How did I build this list? Easy I did real world tests. I bought the freshest batteries I could find (about 20 different brands from name brands to store labels) and then I performed the following tests:

  • hours of use in a incandescent bulb Maglite flashlight
  • hours of use in a LED bulb LedLenser flashlight
  • number of pictures in a point and shoot camera
  • hours of use in a kids toy

Above you see the very best performers in the disposable battery category. Good rechargeables typically perform best in high drain devices but that is a different article for a different day.

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