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Amazon to release a new music streaming service

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Image by  Nomadic Lass  under Creative Commons License

Image by Nomadic Lass under Creative Commons License

It seems everyone is either starting or buying into a streaming music service. Not one to be left out, Buzzfeed (link) is reporting that Amazon may release its own music service with a twist.

It is believed Amazon has already signed agreements with Sony and Warner but is still in talks with Universal Music.

The rumours say that the service will be offered for free to US Amazon Prime members. For those that don't know, Prime is a service that costs $99 a year and provides:

  • free 2 day shipping
  • free movie streaming
  • free Kindle book lending

But how will Amazon differentiate itself from the crowd? By offering music older than 6 months.. What? Wait! Hun....

It is believed that to reduce licensing costs, Amazon will only stream music older than 6 months. 

This new Amazon Prime add-on is expected to launch in June or July so you won't have to wait much longer.