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Strange napkin table invention

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

Since we've cured all sickness and disease, the human race can now turn its attention to the incredible important issue of dining while at a picnic. All right... We haven't cured everything yet which is why I am so dumbfounded when I see people waste energy on absolutely useless inventions like this.

I can't wait to see the ads for it on TV.

  • Are you tire of eating on the floor at picnics?
  • Want to keep ants away from your food?
  • Are you lazy and want the food closer to your mouth?
  • Do you want to be that weirdo that everyone points to at your next picnic?

Michael Jan, an industrial designer in Taiwan, has heard your cries for a better picnic dining experience and has created the napkin table (link). Each person wear's one end of this horrific contraption which even has slots for your cup and bowl.

I guess some weardos will want one but they have to wait. At this point this is only a design but you know someone will commercialize this.