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Travel Tip : Bring Your Own

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Image by  Angelo DeSantis  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Angelo DeSantis used under Creative Commons License

For the best travel experience, BRING YOUR OWN STUFF. Everything you think you may want or need on the plane should be brought with you. Why? Because things you buy on a plane are expensive, bad quality and generally not that good.

If you want a pillow, bring a small inflatable travel pillow. If you get cold, bring your own sweater. If you are travelling during breakfast, lunch or supper, buy something in the airport and bring it with you. Airplane food is expensive, overly salty and usually tasteless (like soggy pizza).

Don't use the cheap $0,99 headphones airlines provide, buy a decent set of noise cancelling / isolating headphones and bring them with you.

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Most long haul flights now include some level of in-flight entertainment but often times the selection is limited and you may have seen the shows made available. It is better to bring your smartphone and tablet loaded with you own personal content (music, movies and games).

I have given up on paper magazines and now use NextIssue (a all you can eat magazine buffet loaded on my tablet).

Remember that most airlines allow one carry-on and one-personal item. Make sure you use the maximum allowable size and weight for each. I usually travel wearing a Scottevest brand travel jacket that has a bunch of pockets (most have around 21). I use this to lighten my carry-on which allows me to bring more stuff onboard.

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