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DarkPage wants to resurrect Backpages

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

US law enforcement shutdown online classified ads site in April (2018) because they had evidence it was facilitating human trafficking and exploitation. Supporters applauded the authorities for shutting down a marketplace specifically encouraging sex sale, while free speech advocates highlight this as a limitation of free speech (and press) by government.


There is now an attempt to resurrect this service online (by new owners) using the secrecy of the TOR darknet anonymous network (http://s7guxry2lvu3bblf.onion/)

On the internet, many espouse the belief that if something can be done, then it should be done without any regard to the socioeconomic impact.

The site is very basic, with a clumsy interface. Clearly this was a hastily designed and deployed site.

This site is in startup mode, and you will notice that most categories are still empty, but it will be interesting to watch and see what happens. Could the push for open sexual advertising drive users to a TOR site (which typically is only used by more tech-savvy professionals)?