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Blackberry Playbook fire sale at $99

Canada, EPP, FutureShop, Playbook, RIM, TabletEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

In Canada, our major retailers have been selling the Playbooks for up to $300 MSRP for the last 2 weeks and some of them are now sold out (Best Buy and FutureShop). In addition to this promo, Research In Motion (RIM) is also giving away a free 16GB Playbook with the upgrade of an enterprise BES server to v5 until December 31.

Rim seems to be in a very festive mood because The Verge is reporting that Blackberry is hawking its 16GB tablet for $99 on its employee only portal. Looks like the 32GB model is going for $149 adn the 64GB $199. Each employee can pickup 8 devices so if you know a RIM employee, this may make a great stocking stuffer.

I guess at -$300 from MSRP, the Playbook is a hot seller. Anyone remember the ill fated WebOS?