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Get Google search and Chrome back on Windows 8

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

After installing Windows 8, you will find that Internet Explorer 10 and Bing are the default browser/search engine. If you like them, then congratulations you’re done. If you are one of the millions of Windows users that prefers the warm embrace from the sultan of search then keep reading.

In a direct yet playful way, as soon as Windows 8 launched, Google opened its “Get Your google Back” webpage. The fine folks at Google provide step by step instructions on how to bring them back into your computing life.


  1. Download the Google search app from the Microsoft Windows 8 store. It provides a Start screen enhanced (aka the interface formerly known as Metro) interface and is touch enabled for touch devices.
  2. Download Google Chrome for windows 8 and bring a refreshed Google experience back in your life.