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LaCie PetiteKey the ultimate USB key for professionals

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

We've all heart the old saying "the best camera is the one with you" referring to the benefits of having smartphones with cameras. The same can be said for USB keys. A USB key left in your desk drawer or home office is of no use. This is why I love the PetiteKey product from LaCie.

It is the newest iteration of their immensely popular imakey launched in 2009. Compared to its older brother, the PetiteKey is 30% smaller. The PetiteKey is waterproof to 100 meters and LaCie even says the little guy will survive a spin in the washing machine. This little bundle of joy comes in 8/16/32 GB flavours. My only complaint is that is is USB 2.0 (wish it had USB 3.0 support).

I saw the 8GB version on Amazon for $11.99.

Ultimately this is a tool that will always be on you and therefore will be ready to serve when needed.