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The best HDMI cables are the cheap ones

technologyEdward Kiledjian3 Comments

As we approach the holiday season, you're probably thinking about all the guests you'll have to entertain. I can't think of a better way to entertain the boys than with a new high quality TV. Just because you bought one of those new fangled really cool 3D TVs doesn't mean you have to fork over $100 for a "name brand" HDMI cable (regardless of what the teenage sales rep tells you).

There are dozens of reputable blogs and audio video specialists that preach the same sermon. Don't waste your money on expensive cables. I found it interesting that tech review site CNET uses cheap monoprice cables to test all the AV equipment that goes through their lab.

I have used Monoprice for most of my cable needs for the last 4 years (Ethernet, HDMI, Telephone, etc) and have never regretted my decision. They offer very good cables at super competitive prices. The one time I had a shipping issue, their customer support fixed my issue within 24 hours.

A 6 foot Monoprice HDMI Cable with Ethernet channel built in costs $7.54US.

Unlike most cheap cable providers, Monoprice actual speed tests all of their cables and backs them up with a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty. Even though the cables are cheap, Monoprice takes product design seriously and they implement cool technologies to improve your overall experience (including RedMere chips in some of their higher end HDMI cables).

You can buy a 15ft Ultra Slim Series High Performance HDMI Cable with RedMere® Technology for $23.21US.

What is AWG you ask? It is a size reference to the thickness of the cable. The smaller the  number, the thicker the cable. The thicker the wire, the less signal loss you will experience. Of course it depends on the length of your cable. IF you want a 15ft cable then any awg rating will do (normally 28 AWG is fine). If you want a 50ft run then go for a 22AWG. 

The first cable I recommended was a 24AWG (for ~$7). You can get a 22AWG HDMI cable at 20ft in length for $23.28US.

So this holiday season do yourself a favour and save some money by buying your cheap HDMI cables online from Monoprice.