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My Evernote feature wish list

Memory, technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Those who know me or have read my blog probably know that i love Evernote. December 2011, I wrote a blog entry about the features I wish Evernote added to its products. 

Most of the items in my wish list still haven't been implemented so they are staying on my wish list but if I had to choose my most wanted features, they would be:


  • Add semantic intelligence to my Evernote data (similar to what SpringPad does but I expect better things from the Evernote team.
  • Implement much more robust security features to protect my information at the notebook, tag, note or note content level.
  • Skitch for Windows and iPhone
  • Ability to print a list of note titles for any particular notebook and/or tag
  • Better sharing and collaboration features 

If Phil Libin ends up reading this, the first 2 would be the most useful and powerful features.

Let me know what you think.