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iPhone 5s production begins March 2013

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)  created a lively debate within the Apple community when it published an article claiming that Apple was reducing its component orders because of weaker than expected sales. The Apple proponents came out swinging while opponents cheered hoping it was the truth.

Now Peter Misek, a Jeffries analyst is making a claim that seems to be much more believable. He is reporting that Apple will begin production of the iPhone 5s in March for a June 2013 launch. This means Apple will start reducing parts orders for the existing iPhones in preparation of the production switch.

Mr. Misek believes the new device will maintain the same physical characteristics but will come in multiple colors, have improved battery life and may contain the much anticipated IGZO screen. There were some rumors that the next gen iPhone would bump screen size to 4.8” but this seems to have been put by the wayside. Many now believe a larger screen model may be made available with the iPhone 6.

The rumors of a cheaper iPhone just don’t want to die. The current iteration says the low cost device may sport a polycarbonate shell, come without LTE and have an iPhone 4s size screen. Apple has never been one to compete on low prices so I am not sure this rumor has legs to stand on but anything is possible.