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What's the best smartphone? What smartphone do I use?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

A question I regularly receive from readers is "What smartphone do you use?"

In December, I wrote an article entitled "Time To Switch From IOS To Android?" I recommend you read it as it explains some of issues with IOS and the incredible leaps made by Android. Right now I am using an iPhone 4S as my primary everyday smartphone and I am relatively happy with it.

My existing contract expires October 2013 and I will use this opportunity to re-evaluate all of my options (both mobile service provider and device). I think the Nexus 4 is a good device but there are too many missing elements for me (read this article). If the Samsung Galaxy S4 or next Nexus deliver what I expect them to deliver then this is likely the year I switch my primary device to one of them. 

When looking at these devices, I want a solid, stable and efficient operating system (and manufacturer skin). I want strong internals (RAM, processor, storage). Most importantly thought, I want an extremely strong photo/video offering. I find myself using the phone's camera more and more and am extremely disapointed by everything in the market right now (including the iPhone 5).

I'm not only looking for an increase in megapixels but I want clean, crisp, low noise images that would rival any point-and-shoot. I want super fast camera response (so I don't miss an important moments) and want decent performance even in low light. I want amazing hardware married to amazing software.

My real decision will be in October and I will share it with you here. If I had to chose the best smartphone today, I would say the iPhone 5 is slightly better than the Android bunch but not by a lot.