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Very useful Free Android app you should download now

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I test thousands of apps every year for Android and IOS, and after a couple of weeks, most end up being deleted. 2 weeks ago I discovered a very useful free android app I think every Android owner should download now.

The app is called Agent (link) and offers 5 very useful pre-configured functions called Agents (which you see in the above image).

The 5 functions are described as follows (by the manufacturer):

  •  Drive Agent is triggered by bluetooth and motion sensing (activity detection). It can be configured to read SMS messages aloud, respond with voice, auto respond to texters and callers to let them know you’re driving (editable message) & only respond to your own hand-picked list
  • Battery Agent triggers at a percentage you choose. It helps conserve battery by giving you the option to turn off bluetooth, dim your screen and reverts back to normal settings automatically when you charge your phone. Will also let you know how much battery it saved you.
  • Parking Agent remembers where you parked, based off your speed or bluetooth connection. Will remember your last five parking spots
  • Meeting Agent syncs with your calendar to silence/ put your phone on vibrate when you don’t want to be disturbed. It can be configured to activate for busy events only, gives you the ability to specify your working week so that it only syncs with your calendar on days and times you prefer, works with shared calendars and auto responds to selected contacts during these "busy" events.
  • Sleep Agent will silence your phone automatically when you go to sleep. You can configure sleep times for different days of the week, minutes of inactivity before activating, auto response to selected callers and texters during your sleeping hours, list of contacts that can wake you & Bluetooth, autosync, wifi and mobile data deactivation.

Having played with it for a week, I think this is a beautifully useful app. It is a competitor to the MotoX only MotoAssist by Motorola.  In some ways, it is even more useful than MotoAssist and could coax some die hard MotoX users to switch to other android devices.