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There is a saying in photography

The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You
— Chase Jarvis

A $5,000 super sophisticated camera doesn't help you capture that special moment if it isn't with you. This is why smartphone photography has really taken the world by storm (since our smartphones are always with us).

I have the same issue with charging cables. Over the years I have bought hundreds of cables ranging from cheap chinese knockoffs to expensive high quality manufacturer sold ones. Regardless of the cable, they never seemed to be with me when I really needed them or were a hassle when travelling.


That is until I met the ChargeKey (pictures above). This thing is always with me ready to charge my iPhone. You should read my review of the ChargeKey (link).

Nomad also has a ChargeCard which offers the same convenience in an easily walletable card format.

The Nomad ChargeKey has been on my keychain getting beaten up in my pocket for 4 months now and it works perfectly and looks like new.
— Edward Kiledjian

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