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Satechi magical bluetooth buttons

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Consumers demand ease of use, power and immediate gratification. Sure the smartphone has simplified our lives but we demand that it become even easier. Satechi believes it has the answer with its Bluetooth Button Series.

The Bluetooth Button Series is a set of 3 small circular aluminium bodied buttons that pair to your smart device via bluetooth and trigger a particular built in function (SIRI, Camera shutter, etc). They work with IOS (iphone, Ipad mini, iPad Air) and Android devices.

Each button retails for about $US25 on Amazon (link). 

Attach the media control button to your steering wheel (using the included attachment accessory) and never fumble to switch a song again.

You can use the shutter release button to snap a group picture without having to set a timer and run back. There are lots of create ways to use these little buttons.