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Canadian wireless provider offering unlimited everything?

GeneralEdward KiledjianComment

There have been countless reports stating the obvious: Wireless rates in Canada are absurdly high due to lack of competition. So anytime I hear the whisper of a new competitor I get excited. Chill Telecom (and its very childishly cheap looking web page) promise to save Canadians from the giant telecom tyrants. 

Chill Telecom seems to be a Telus MVNO (reseller of Telus network services) making some lofty claims. So I started looking at basic information about the company.

It's domain was registered on GoDaddy on June 9 2016.

Just because I don't like Godaddy, I won't hold that against them. The domain was registered by a person called ROUJEH Ramadan (who some say is the CEO of the Kitchener based company). The company address is listed as 151 Charles St W, Kitchener which looks like a multi-tenant commercial building based on Google StreetView.

The LinkedIn page for the "ceo" is very light and shows very little business experience.  His Facebook page says he is 20 years old and lives in the UK. 

This visionary CEO tried to sell a car head up display via IndieGogo and only managed to raise $183. So obviously it's not looking too good for Mr Ramadan.

Their website is hosted on Squarespace.

A "Chill Telecom" engineer posted this statement on Reddit

Notice the horrible english.

Although they will offer 2 plans, their claim to fame seems to be the $45 a month unlimited everything plan (even unlimited 4G data). 

  •  Unlimited Data Anywhere in Canada - ( Full Speed 4G )
  • Unlimited Talk&Text - Locally & CanadaWide All DAY
  • Unlimited International Calls&Texts to Mobile and Landline to +55 Countries
  • Free International Roaming , Unlimited Text+Talk & Data - All DAY

Unlimited international calls and texts? Unlimited free international roaming with data? Don't get me wrong, I would sign up right away but when something seems too good, it probably is.

I still signed up for updated on their website to see what happens but I say this is most likely a scam or social experiment. 

This has all the makings of scam or social experiment. Unless Mr Ramadan comes from a wealthy family, I doubt any investor or bank would lend him the money he needs to get this off the ground. I could be wrong. This may turn out to be the company that revolutionizes wireless telecom in Canada... but... Let's just say I won't be holding my breath.