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Hacker eavesdropes on Quebec Liberal Party Meetings

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Photo from Journal de Montréal

Photo from Journal de Montréal

A local Quebec french language newspaper (Journal De Montréal) has an interesting report about a hacker exploiting a critical flaw in the PLQ (Quebec Liberal Party) video conferencing system allowing him to eavesdrop on private strategy discussions. 

Lucky for the PLQ, the hacker is a white-hat (good guy) and informed employees of the flaw. He also proved his exploit by sharing videos taken from the private discussions.

A black-hat could have exploited this information for personal gain or to make a political statement. The flaw he exploited was contained in a software being used and the PLQ had left a factory default password enabled.

The PLQ has since patched the bug and changed the password, but this is a cautionary tale for all home and office users of videoconferencing technologies (remember most laptops have cameras these days).

  • Tape over your camera when not in use
  • Update your software regularly 
  • Uninstall software you don't use
  • Be vigilant