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What is Microsoft Surface Missing?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

Now that we know the spec s of Microsoft’s Surface RT (arm based version) and Pro (Intel based version), we can start comparing it to the Ipad.

Overall the pro version is thicker, heavier and more feature packed. There are some interesting omissions (from both versions) that may be problematic for some:

  •  No GPS – Based on the information provided, it looks like both versions will come without GPS. This is doubly surprising since the product will have a built-in maps application.
  • No Mobile Broadband – Neither table will come with mobile broadband option. This is a big surprise since the Pro version would likely find a home with companies who would demand mobile connectivity. 

An accessory I am expecting to see is a docking station [so I can easily hook up a keyboard/mouse, add an external screen, add extra storage or get additional ports] but Microsoft hasn’t announced one yet. This may be just as irritating to companies as having no mobile broadband.