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Run any Android app on your Windows or Mac computer

technologyEdward Kiledjian1 Comment

Imagine being able to run [almost all] of your favorite Android apps on a standard Windows PC or tablet. Bluestacks does just that. Using a proprietary emulation engine, they allow you to run almost any Android app on your Windows PC.

If there are some non PC android apps you absolutely love and can’t live without, you can now use them on your PC (or Mac or tablet).

Windows 8 RT doesn’t have enough apps

The biggest complaint I have heard about Windows 8 RT (aka Surface RT) is the lack of apps. Developers aren’t willing to spend thousands in development costs for a product with an uncertain future. We have heard horror stories of some developers making a measly $100 from their Windows RT apps.

Now Bluestacks is considering to bring its Android emulation technology to Windows RT. What does this mean, it means 700,000 could find their way to Microsoft’s lonely platform and finally make it a little more compelling. Even if Bluestacks released a Windows RT product, Microsoft would have to approve it for distribution through its app store which is far from certain.


Right now Windows (not RT) and Mac users can play with the very stable and fun beta of Bluestacks. If you have an Android phone, install their client on it and you can even choose what phone apps you want to copy to your Bluestacks environment.

A great way to have some fruit ninja or Angry bird fun.