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Apple Messages most secure messaging platform

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Image by  Daniel Dudek-Corrigan  used under Creative Commons License

Image by Daniel Dudek-Corrigan used under Creative Commons License

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released an interesting comparison chart showing how well the most common instant messaging platforms compete on security.

The EFF analysis looked at these criteria:

  • Encrypted in transit
  • Encrypted so the provider can't read it
  • Can you verify contacts identity
  • Are past communication protected if keys are stolen 
  • Is the code open to independent review
  • Is security design properly documented
  • Has the code been audited

The highest rated tools (scoring 7 out of 7) were:

  • ChatSecure
  • CryptoCat
  • Signal/Redphone
  • Silent Phone
  • Silent Text
  • TextSecure

Not surprisingly, Apple's Facetime & iMessage (Messages) were ranked as the most secure mass market messaging tools. 

although neither currently provides complete protection against sophisticated, targeted forms of surveillance

Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Blackberry Messenger and Microsoft's Skype were dinged on several fronts including lack of protection of past communications and lack of detailed documentation about security.

EFF Press Release : Link

EFF Scorecard : Link