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Samsung may unveil a Chromebook Pro

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Image courtesy of ChromebookUnboxed

Image courtesy of ChromebookUnboxed

Chromebooks are a divisive discussion. Some people love them while others consider them wasteful spending. I see more and more people embracing them and the truth is Chromebooks are a fantastic solution for the general public. They offer zero-maintenance use and no worries about malware or virus'.

Samsung, the electronic giant known for its fire creating Note7 line, is about to release a new Chromebook pro. So say the writers at ChromeUnboxed . No one is expecting this device so it's interesting how they kept it so secret.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro (codenamed Kevin) is impressive. At $499, it will be a mid priced device equipped with a 12.3" touchscreen display supported by a 360 degree hinge. It will be powered by a hexacore processor at 2GB and come with 32GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. So far so good. 

Looks like this Chromebook Pro will come in a beautiful aluminium body and include a stylus. Yes folks a stylus. A stylus doesn't make sense for a traditional chromebook but when you consider that Google is bringing the Android Google Play store to the Chromebook, you start the to see uses.

Adorama lists this unannounced unit.

B&H had it listed but no more. The expectation is that it will launch sometime in October, in time for black Friday sales.