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Windows8 TIP - Remove ads from built in apps

technologyEdward KiledjianComment
Some of Windows 8's best built in apps (aka  bundles with the OS) and 3rd party apps are ad-supported. Many think its OK but for those that find this mildly annoying, keep reading.
A writer nicknamed Olsn has written a very interesting article over at Indiegamr ezplaining how to get rid of those pesky annoying ads. It seems each app-supported app has a special hidden folder where all of its ad data resides. You simply make some modifications to those files and can get rid of the ads. For the real step-by-step walk-through, visit the original article.
The ad system allows hardworking developers to bring us great software for free (ad-supported) so depriving them of that revenue may mean the free versions eventually go away. For 3rd party developers, I will either keep the ads or pay the price and move to the pro versions. For the Windows 8 bundled apps that include ads, I will use this trick (after all I did pay for the OS and expect it come to ad free).
Microsoft may be using this new model as a market test. If the public isnt outraged then the next version of windows may come bundle with ads (in the OS itself). Just the thought of an ad filled OS makes me gag. 

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