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Your smartphone has problems too

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Fanboys aside, most smartphone users have some complaints about their chosen product.  Whether the screen size is too small, the screen resolution is not enough, the battery drains too quickly or a certain feature just doesn’t seem to work.

As social creatures, we want to know what problems others are having and now FixYa has the answer.  They analyzed data from their 15 million user reports to compile a list of the most common complaints against the best selling smartphones.


  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Iphone 4s
  • Nokia Lumia 900
  • HTC Titan II
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Blackberry Curve

You can find the summary of their findings in the below press release. Find your device below and enjoy the satisfaction that you are not the only one experiencing these issues.

Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 4S: Top U.S. Smartphones Get Pitted Head-to-Head in New Report From FixYa 

FixYa’s report finds consumers plagued by Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Nexus microphone issues; iPhone 4S struggles with battery life; while the HTC Titan II registers some un-fixable problems 

SAN MATEO, CALIF. (July 6, 2012) – Today FixYa, the leading product Q&A destination on the web, announces the first-ever report comparing consumer issues across all of the most popular smartphones including the newly-released Samsung Galaxy SIII, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, RIM Blackberry Curve, HTC Titan II, and the Nokia Lumia 900. With smartphones already accounting for more than half of mobile phones in the United States, the market is expanding at a rapid rate. FixYa’s Smartphone Report, released today, looks at market-leading devices and pits them against each other, basing its findings on thousands of troubleshooting requests posted by consumers on its product Q&A site. 

With the just-launched Samsung Galaxy SIII claiming the most buzz of any current phone, competition in the smartphone market is as fierce as ever. Industry titans are rolling out new smartphones left and right, leaving consumers confused about which one to pick and whether they are buying a reliable product. The Fixya Smartphone Report seeks to provide clarity to consumers by highlighting the main troubleshooting trends across six of the standout devices. 

Below are the top five problems for each device in the FixYa Smartphone Report, and the percentage of troubleshooting requests that fall into each problem category: 

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy SIII Problems: 

1.    Microphone Malfunction – 50% 

2.    Battery Life – 15% 

3.    Device Gets Hot – 15% 

4.    Internet Connection Issues – 10% 

5.    Other – 10%


Top 5 Apple iPhone 4S Problems:

 1.    Battery Life – 45%

 2.    Can’t Connect Wi-Fi – 20% 

3.    Bluetooth Connection – 15% 

4.    Siri Complaints – 10% 

5.    Other – 10% 


Top 5 Galaxy Nexus Problems:

1.    Microphone Malfunction – 55% 

2.    Battery Life – 20% 

3.    Can’t Connect Wi-Fi – 10% 

4.    General Usability – 10% 

5.    Other – 5%


Top 5 Blackberry Curve Problems:

1.    Random Reboots – 40% 

2.    Software Errors – 20% 

3.    Missing Applications – 20% 

4.    Memory Card Error – 10% 

5.    Other – 10%


Top 5 HTC Titan II Problems:

1.    Screen Resolution – 35% 

2.    Can’t Find Applications – 20% 

3.    Camera Quality – 15% 

4.    Battery Life – 15% 

5.    Other – 15% 


Top 5 Nokia Lumia 900 Problems:

1.    Tinted Purple Screen – 25% 

2.    Camera Button – 20% 

3.    Can’t Find Applications – 20% 

4.    Battery Life – 20% 

5.    Other – 15% 


FixYa compiled its latest report and how-to troubleshooting guide by sourcing data from its 25 million users and 15 million product problems and solutions. Those interested in viewing the full report as well as crowd-sourced solutions to each device’s top issues can do so here:

“With all of the buzz that surrounds new smartphone releases, it is becoming increasingly important for consumers to see through the hype and understand the devices they are investing in,” says Fixya CEO Yaniv Bensadon. “The Fixya Smartphone Report reveals which devices have the edge and where even the top dogs struggle in the constantly evolving battle between iOS, Android, and their competition.”

FixYa brings consumers the most comprehensive solution database in the world. The FixYa Smartphone Report was generated from over 25 million users, 650,000 experts and 15 million product problems and solutions. FixYa’s unique access to crowd-sourced product Q&A from consumers grants the company transparent data that no other service can claim to provide. FixYa’s troubleshooting data comes from real-life consumer experience with products and product problems.

To learn more about the FixYa Smartphone Report, visit

 To learn more about FixYa, visit