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Is Samsung cooler than Apple?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

There is no one characteristic that is responsible for Apple’s phenomenal rise over the last 5 year. It is a combination of good design, great marketing and an excellent ability to predict market trends. Buzz Marketing Group told Forbes that their research shows that Apple has lost it’s coolness badge with teens. It may be a case of Apple being too cool to be cool.

Because Apple products are so popular with the general population at large, they are no seen as mainstream and therefore less desirable by today’s youth. Buzz says teens would rather have a Microsoft Surface or Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Only time will tell whether Buzz is right and if this is a strong enough trend to stop the Apple train but it is something to keep in mind. Add this to the fact that most people believe Apple hasn’t really innovated in the last couple of years and it could become problematic for the beloved Apple.