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An Olloclip for $10?

technologyEdward KiledjianComment

I wrote an article about the Olloclip here

I own the original Olloclip (that costs $US69) and love it. 

It seems some of my readers just learned about it from my blog post and love the idea but find the cost prohibitively expensive. They wanted to know if there are any other alternatives.

WARNING: I haven't bought any of these so buyer beware

If you want something like the Olloclip but don't want to pay the price of the original, you can always take a look at Olloclip "clones" being sold on AliExpress.



Browsing through, I found clones for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

I recommend you read my review about Aliexpress here.

The Olloclip original has served me well and I am sure these clone will satisfy many of you (especially at the incredibly reduced price). If any of you go ahead and buy one of the clones, let me know what you think. Is it good? How are the pictures?