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Examples of Darknet (TOR) sites

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I have received a lot of requests from readers, LinkedIn and Twitter connections to provide examples of some "interesting" darknet (TOR Onion Network) sites. I have posted over a dozen on my LinkedIn page but thought I would show a couple here.

My security team and I perform internet and darknet reconnaissance work to create briefing packages on cyber crime, determine trends and spot organizational dangers. As part of this research, we sometimes stumble on interesting examples that I share. 

I have chosen not to hide the onion addresses (aka the URL) because I want to show that these are not made up designs but actual sites. I discourage anyone from using or visiting these sites. I am providing these as example for educational purposes only.


Bitcoin Fig is a centralized Bitcoin tumbler. A Cryptocurrency tumbler is a service that intakes identifiable, tainted or stollen cryptocurrencies and delivers them back with an obscure trail. This is used to improve anonymity when questionable transactions are being performed. These firms typically charge 1-4% of the "cleaned" amount and operate out of countries with strict private banking laws like Cayman Islands, Panama and the Bahamas.


The The Cannabis Growers and Merchants Cooperative CGMC is a "by invitation" cannabis market. They offer a trustless (aka escrow) shopping experience to protect buyers.


The sense of anonymity offered by TOR, attracts many with much more questionable products. Above is the French connection that deals in Heroin, Meth, brown sugar, Superman XTC pills, black tar, Amber glass BHO crumble and other products guaranteed to screw your life.


We've covered drugs and now we turn our attention to sports betting. BETTOR claims to be a marketplace that sells winning bets (not predictions). They claim to have 100% winning bets for football, basketball and tennis. I don't gamble so I cannot vouch for the quality of their recommendations. 


CyberGuerrilla is another example of groups using the pseudo-anonymity of TOR to do what they probably wouldn't on the "normal" internet. This site describes it's mission as "The CyberGuerrilla Collective is an autonomous body based in Europe with collective members worldwide. Our purpose is to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with freedom from want and freedom of expression, a world without oppression or hierarchy, where power is shared equally. We do this by providing communication and computer resources to allies engaged in struggles against capitalism and other forms of oppression."

I describe this site as a blog platform for closet anarchists. 


Escrow defense is a buyer/seller escrow service. 


Cash is King is a get rich quick scheme. You pay them in BItcoin and they "sell" you cash that was destined for destruction. They claim to have a way of moving the cash before it is destroyed but need you to "launder it". How much is this service you ask?


What if you were scared as a king by Burger King and want nothing to do with a King? What is a cash strapped person to do? You can always buy counterfit US dollars from the USD site


What if you want to deal with digital currency? No worries, enter Vendor. Vendor sells hacked Paypal accounts.


How do you cash out these PayPal accounts without getting caught? Conveniently they offer a "cheap" laundered bitcoin service for a small nominal fee ($45USD for each BTC).


So now you have your drugs, your cheap cash and your cheap bitcoin. All this money is burning a hole in your wallet and you want to spend it on "cool" stuff. How about some counterfeit clothing?


What about stolen electronics like a Sony Playstation, an iPad, iPhone, Acer laptop,  or Samsung Galaxy S9?



Since you haven't spent all your money yet, maybe you should think about the future and use DoubleBit to grow your crypto using darknet markets. For a "small" fee, they will "invest" your crypto for growth then will return "clean crypto" back to you with outrageously generous short term returns (I am being sarcastic, I have never used their service so I wouldn't know).

Why invest when you simply buy money from the BigDeal marketplace (http://bh3ly32vcg52brrc.onion/)


If you work for a publicly traded company and want to cash out some insider knowledge, you can use The Stock Insiders site